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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Letter to Jon Stewart

Dear Jon,

This is your last week as host of the Daily Show.  I read that Thursday, August 6, will be your final show.  How I will miss you!!  You keep me sane after I hear news of stupid politicians, racism, war and all the ills of our times.  I couldn't be too depressed about the world when you made me laugh at it. Thank you for that.

You are a man whose opinion I value. You shine a satirical light on the sometimes hopeless daily events, putting them in perspective.  How could we take the fools of the day seriously when you imitated them so humorously and revealed their inconsistencies and weaknesses.  

I hope you will not leave us totally.  My hope is you will return in a new form maybe as movie director or writer.  You have already taken on both those roles, but hopefully, you have something more of that sort in store for us.  With apologies to Hamlet, I bid you "good night, sweet prince;  And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

A friend you've never known,
J. Y.

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