An introduction to fascinating subjects,
people, and places.
You too may become a dilettante. It is not boring.

From Jacksonville Beach, FL

About this Blog

A young me enjoying a long-standing hobby.
This photo was taken by my daughter 

"Dilettante" is used here in its broadest sense--dabbler, amateur,  person with a superficial interest in an art or branch of knowledge.  
     I've been a dilettante most of my adult life--a starter of projects, student of many subjects and master of none of them.  Unfortunately, equipment from old interests still clutters my house.  Who knows, I may want to use the photo enlarger again, the bead tools, the zillions of cookbooks, the toy car collection, the violin, the notebooks of poetry I've written.  You begin to see the problem.
       Some people consider a "dilettante" flighty and incapable, and there might be an element of truth in this.  I'll go with the flighty.  Even though I have moved from subject to subject. I have learned something about each one.  Moving like a bee from flower to flower has its virtues. I have greeted each new venture with enthusiasm and excitement.  This has kept me from becoming stale.  I don't want to be like some people who are afraid to try anything new or even to let a new idea enter their heads.  Being a dilettante has kept me youthful.  
      This blog is yet another interest which will introduce you to many fascinating subjects, people, and places.  You too may become a dilettante.  It is not boring.