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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Red Shoes--much more than a fashion statement

                                         How could you not feel special in red stilletto sandals!!

     Wearing red shoes makes us women feel naughty and maybe a little dangerous.  It is, after all, how they make us feel that really matters.  If I'm a little down, I can put on my red high heels, walk down the street and magically my mood changes.  Red shoes make us feel confident and happy.  They're a little daring and sassy and that perks us up.  They look good with almost anything, jeans to a slinky black dress, and because they look good, we feel good.
     We feel sexy in tall red stillettos.  High-top red tennis shoes are funky and humorous and cause us to feel youthful.  Closed in red pumps at work are like a business man's red tie, a touch of daring to an otherwise drab and boring business suit.  
      I've met few women who don't love shoes.  Styles and colors are so much more interesting than they used to be.  Television shows like "Sex and the City" where the characters would rather buy expensive shoes than food have permeated our consciousness.  I have learned from tv and movies that Jimmy Choo is a desirable and costly shoe, and some women pay hundreds for red-soled Christian Louboutin pumps.  Anyone looks good in cute shoes. "Looking fat" is not much of a factor in selecting them.  As a result shoe shopping lifts our spirits.  
     Wearing red shoes, however, must be done sparingly.  If we wore them every day, they'd lose their impact.  So, next time you're feeling blue, put on those red high-heels and strut down the street.  Click, click, click your troubles away. 
                                           Red high-tops are funky and youthful.

Dark red shoes jazz up a business suit.

Dept. store shoe display.  Red shoes can make
you want to behave in a new way.

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