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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back in the day--We wore watches

    Last week at the mall, my husband and I made a quick unscientific survey of people wearing wrist watches.  I'd read that wearing one is now passe.'  We looked at the wrists of about 35 passers-by and sure enough, most arms were bare, and those wearing watches were the over 40 crowd.  
     We saw only one young person wearing one and it was over-sized and funky, a fashion statement.  We surmised that with the over 40's, a watch is a habit that has always been part of daily life.  Most young people rely on cell phones to check the time.  It is complicated, however,  to do that in some situations.  For example, if a visit is getting long, it is harder to pull out a cell phone than to surreptitiously check a watch. 
    Computers and other personal electronics have changed many old habits. Because of the cell phone, Superman could not change into his outfit.  There are few if any public telephone booths.  Many kids have probably never seen one except in the movies.  Where are the blue mailboxes that used to sit on street corners every few blocks? Today the postal service is not used for much letter writing or bill mailing.  We communicate via email, Facebook, Twitter, and we pay our bills online.  
    The past 20 years have seen the rise and fall of video stores and the closing of many travel agencies.  Computers have taken over their functions.  And I'm old enough to remember, yikes, drive-in theaters.  Most of my generation got their first kiss at one.  
     No doubt, not too far in the future, gas stations, home phones and gigantic desk computers will be things of the past.  As they say, "Change is the only constant" and "adapt or perish." It is wise to hang on to a few old traditions, but don't dismiss or be afraid of the new.  

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