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Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Pat's Parade St. Augustine Style

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 March 13, 2011

      Yesterday, we drove to St. Augustine for the first annual St. Augustine, St. Patrick's Day Parade. This started six days of a Celtic Music and Arts Festival in St. Augustine.  Irish music, dancing and food will take over the town. St. Augustine was founded by the Spanish and has a distinct Spanish flavor in architecture, food and tourist attractions.  How do you go Irish with this background?  The parade had a strong Spanish flare or maybe it was Spanish with an Irish flare.  Whichever, it was a most unique Irish parade.  I took some photos to give you an idea of what it was like.  

It was a beautiful day for a parade.  This photo shows Matanzas Bay
and some of the people waiting for the parade to pass.

One of the first groups provided bagpipe music. Seems Irish
enough, right?  They could be Scottish.

Here comes a Spanish Conquistador and his lady.  Maybe
they should have worn green.

Here we have St. Augustine's royal family decked out Spanish style.

No St. Augustine parade is complete without a Spanish galleon. Look it's wearing green.

These lovely girls dance an Irish jig.

You can't have an Irish parade without the rainbow and a pot of gold.

Irish prisoners or just a tourist attraction vehicle?

All the small town parades I've been to include firetrucks and 
ambulances.  Look closely this rescue truck has a Spanish man
                                 with a neck ruff.   

Overall, it was a great parade, but then I've never met a parade I didn't like.  It was fun and just
so St. Augustine.  We in Jacksonville Beach are only 25 miles away and it is a  second home where we take all our visitors and go for a change of scenery.  One of my favorite places there is the French pastry shop on Charlotte Street.  It has been in business for 44 years with the same owner, a family from 
Brugges, Belgium.  The pastry and the sandwiches are heavenly and perfect after a parade. 

Inside the pastry shop with its case of lovely French pastries.




  1. How fun! What could be more American than Spanish soldiers at a St. Patrick's Day parade?