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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Royal Wedding, Anglophiles' Delight

I haven't  received my invitation to the royal nuptials on April 29.  Perhaps it was lost in the mail.  Never mind, I will watch on television if I can manage the 6am, US time (11am England time) wake-up call.  Many of us sentimental, Anglophiles will be watching, sniffing into our hankies.
      Girls at the school where my daughter is a teacher are planning an all-nighter to catch all the pre-wedding hype and early broadcast.  If you live in NY City, for a mere $150. you can enjoy a formal English breakfast, royal favor and watch the ceremony on several televisions scattered about at the New York Palace Hotel.  Other hotels are also providing such services.  In London, television sets will be set up outside around the city for those who don't want to miss the event.
      The excitement is starting to build even here in the USA.  What Romantic doesn't want to see a beautiful young woman marry a handsome prince.  We hope their love will prove more solid than others of the royal family--Charles and Diana, Andrew and Fergie, but they are a new generation.  Prince Charles and Diana barely knew each other.  Prince William and Kate have lived together for two years and been a couple for twelve.  Their relationship is time-tested.  He's already losing his hair and she knows it.  There can't be too many future surprises.  I remember being horrified when Diana had to submit to a virginity examination before her wedding to Charles.  Yikes!! No such antiquities for this couple.
      At Books-A-Million near my house, there's plenty to read about the couple, the Tudor family, and known details of the wedding.  Here's a tally I took at just the one book store:

  • 16 book titles on the royal wedding and related subjects
  • A bin with 10 special royal wedding magazines
  • A jigsaw puzzle
  • Cheap replicas of "the ring"
  • Knit your own Royal Wedding instructions
  • A waving Queen Elizabeth figure, solar powered
  • Kate and William paper dolls
  • Royal tea bags
  • Magnets picturing the couple or the Union Jack flag
  • Tiny china cup and saucer

A bin of Royal Wedding magazines

Magnets and books

Westminster Abbey, where the wedding takes place.

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