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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Of Graduation and things

                                                                  2010 graduation of my grand niece.

          This week I'm traveling to my oldest grandson's high school graduation.  He has been nervously anticipating it for months.  His life is about to change from all that is familiar to the unknown.  He will go to college in the fall, but while that is exciting, it is the really big Unknown.  His parents, his brother and sister are full of advice, but these days he's not listening much.
       In some cultures, teens on the brink of life participate in some sort of coming-of-age ceremony.  High school graduation is the closest we have to that.  Some religious groups do have formal events to commemorate growing up, but most teens are pretty much on their own.  Teachers and family expect them to act mature and grown-up, but the teens themselves sometimes are not so sure what that means.  Some try to act out what they think is grown-up and imitate behavior they see on tv or movies.  Maybe we should have a rule book.  This is what a grown-up does, but can't you see every adult putting in a different view.
       My grandfather attended the graduation of all his grandchildren and most of the greatgrands.  He rode 400 miles on a Greyhound bus to attend my college graduation.  I've never forgotten his family devotion and he influenced me to get to the graduations of my nieces and grandnieces.  Now,  my grandchildren are starting to graduate.  Did someone say life is short.  I'm really hearing "time's winged chariot drawing near."
       Congratulations, Thomas and all graduates!  I'll try not to cry when I see you in your gown and hear
"Pomp and Circumstance."  Be warned though. Usually, I tear up at the first notes.  

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