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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The enemy is me

The guest bedroom held the computer room overflow.
Where is that Photoshop file? (click on photos to enlarge)

  I was reminded of cartoonist Walt Kelly's creation, Pogo, this week as we did an over haul of our computer room.  Pogo, a cartoon Okefenokee alligator said, "We have met the enemy and he is us,"  and while the redo of a room is more prosaic than Pogo intended, the message applies.  The redo was pretty significant for me because our computers, scanners and printers were unplugged and sitting on the guest room bed for almost a week.  I felt like an arm was missing.
       We moved file cabinets, gave away two desks and stored a folding table. But the most revealing part was going through desk and file drawers to remove the old and the excess.  It was this trip down memory lane that made me realize anew what a dilettante I have been.  
       I gave away my old photo enlarger, but am left with years of photos.  I did throw some out and labeled and put  others into albums.  I found folders of research for writing I never did, notebooks of poetry and recipes, home business info, notes from classes and countless other projects started and never finished.  
       We put in new office furniture and storage units and for now, the computer room looks organized and orderly.  I did discover an interesting aspect of my dilettantism:  most of my projects, complete and incomplete, relate to writing and photography.  Apparently, I have always been that frustrated journalist I set out to become during my college days.  Is it too late?  It is fear of failure that keeps the dream alive.  If I don't send out writing, then I can't receive rejection letters, and I can hold on to the dream that some day I'll get there.  Yes,
Pogo, I think the enemy probably is me.  

Files are now labeled and categorized.

New furniture and storage units are in place.

Even the book shelves are organized and straight.


  1. It's never too late to be who you might have been. George Eliot

    One of my favorite quotes. :)