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Monday, August 8, 2011

The possums ate our figs: A Parable

                 Coffee:  If you're not shaking, you need another cup. (refrigerator magnet)  

       Conversation among two couples overheard while eavesdropping and drinking coffee at an outdoor restaurant:

Man 1:  There's another foreclosure sign on our street this week.  Neighborhoods where houses go in the millions are supposed to be safe.  
Man 2: Probably some poor sucker lost a job.  We've decided to add a patio and outdoor kitchen to our pool area.  
Woman 1:  Speaking of pools.  I could use one right now.  Could it be any hotter?  No wonder the glaciers and ice caps are melting.
Woman 2:  Can you imagine living without AC?  We've kept ours on 68 most of the summer.  
Man 2:   Last week, we had to let five of our office staff go.  There was a lot of boo-hooing.  You'd think they'd have more self control. They got an extra pay check. 
Man 1:  They do live in the United States of American.  It's not Somalia.
Woman 2:  What does that have to do with anything?  What's Somalia?  
Man 1:  There's a drought there and no food.  I wonder why they've all gone to Kenya. You'd think  they'd know it's over-crowded there.  Aren't they smart enough to figure that out.
Woman 1:  Did I tell you?  The darn possums ate our figs this summer.  They ate almost every one on the tree. We hardly got any for ourselves.

      I decided to leave the coffee shop.  More than the coffee had me shaking.


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