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Thursday, October 6, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

                                           Apple laptop, ipod, iphone--photo taken with an iphone

      When I heard yesterday that Steve Jobs, Apple CEO for many years, had died, I was not surprised, but  I have to admit getting a little weepy.  When he resigned from Apple a few months ago, we all knew it was because of his health.  Not many people survive pancreatic cancer, though he lasted about seven years, which is longer than most.  We had been saddened by his thin, deteriorating appearance when we saw him on television.  He kept going, but it was obvious the disease was taking its toll.
      My household is an all Apple one, a laptop, a desktop computer, two iphones, an ipad and an ipod are all used in our house on a daily basis.  You could say Steve Jobs and his brilliant technology changed our lives.  The first time I used an Apple computer was in a college writing lab.  I had never used any computer before and the girl sitting next to me had to show me how to turn the little Mac on. From the first, I was hooked.  It was so easy to use!  Then I bought a Mac of my own.  We dubbed it the BabyMac because it was so compact and small. 
     BabyMac lasted for many years until the software was too outdated.  At that time I gave it to my elementary school granddaughter. We compared BabyMac to my old VW.  They both seemed to go on forever without ever giving us any problem.  From BabyMac we went to a PowerMac, and then an IMac.  When the laptop came out, of course, I had to have one.  My husband preferred the desktop Mac.  Then we got iphones, which I can't imagine not having.  If my house caught on fire, I'd grab my iphone and laptop computer as I ran out the door.
     I used the computer to make handouts for my students, write papers for my own college classes, with Photoshop to tweak photos and make photo collages for my family, and research any subject that interested me. I use it for email, skyping and texting my family.  My iphone is a computer in my purse.  I'm never bored when waiting for an appointment.  
    Steve Jobs captured the imagination and heart of any Apple owner.  In his jeans, sneakers, and black turtleneck, he just seemed cool, like someone you'd want to drink coffee and have a conversation with.  He will be greatly missed.  We only hope Apple can continue with his brilliant technology.  Thank you, Steve Jobs!

                                                      Apple desktop and ipad


  1. Hi Aunt JoAnne, I too became weepy when I heard the news. Who knows what he might have accomplished with another 20 years. But the world is changed because of what he did accomplish.

  2. I'm afraid we'll never see anyone like him again in our lifetime. I don't know of another person who did as much as he did to affect our day to day lives. I admit to being a Steve Jobs groupie. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad to know you still look at my blog.