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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The cat as dilettante

Bella and Rusty have diverse interests in many areas,
yet their attention can quickly change.  They dabble in
the arts, but are masters of none.  By definition they are
true dilettantes.

Rusty is an expert at sleeping and eating.  His sleep
takes many unconventional forms.

Bella also enjoys sleeping and often prefers high places.

Bella likes gifts and their bright paper wrappings.
She's not materialistic, however.  She likes the novelty
of crinkling paper and boxes most of all.

Both Bella and Rusty are into games and play.

Rusty is a bird watcher.  He often uses the bird bath
as his private drinking fountain.          

                                           Bella's preference is to curl up in an old bird bath on
                                           the porch.  She likes it because it is just her size.

Bella enjoys flowers and especially likes
the taste of the water they stand in.

Bella also likes nature and playing among the plants.

Both cats enjoy life and all it has to offer a cat, and in turn they are a source of joy to their 
servant and keeper.

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