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From Jacksonville Beach, FL

Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas card to you

To put you in a holiday mood,  I'm posting a few Florida Christmas photos I've collected through the years.  There's no natural snow, icicles or sleighs and sleds, but there's a lot of creativity.  Happy Christmas!  Enjoy! 

The pat of flamingos (what a group is called) below appeared in a yard near my house over several Christmases.  Note that Santa guiding the sleigh has a beard.

No firs, no spruce, but decorated palm trees, often in
the most creative ways, proclaim it's Christmas.

Someone placed this more traditional tree on the
beach and decorated it.  

This is a sort of greeting card for the season with Florida photos improvising Floridians decorating creatively without snow, sleet, snowmen or other traditional Christmas props.  But, suppose you were on board a Navy ship heading home after a long deployment.  What kind of card could you make?  See what the sailors aboard the HMS Ocean did as they sailed home.  

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