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Monday, January 9, 2012

Where is Princess Beatrice's hat?

"Princess Beatrice wearing "the hat."

     Except for watching the bride and groom, most eyes were on the hat of Princess Beatrice at the royal wedding on April 29.  She sat behind Queen Elizabeth which magnified the exposure and attention given the hat, especially to television viewers.  Recently, the hat sold at auction for $131,000.  The money will go to two children's charities. Before the auction,  Princess Beatrice said, "I've been amazed by the amount of attention the hat has attracted," . . . "I hope whoever wins the auction has as much fun with the hat as I have."  There's been no public word about who won it. 
      I takes a very whimsical and very confident woman to wear such a hat.  It was the inspiration for many, many jokes and a Facebook page.  Shortly after the  wedding the FB page had more than 12,400 comments, most making fun. 
      The hat was designed by London milliner Philip Treacy, who created hats for thirty-five of the royal wedding guests.  Treacy is known for his over the top (pun intended) hat designs.  See more of his designs at Mail Online where the question is asked , " Do Philip Treacy's crackpot creations look good on ANYONE?"
        Ah, well, the children who benefit from the sale of Princess Beatrice's hat will be happy. Or should I say "fascinator," such non-hats are called that in England.  

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