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Friday, July 6, 2012

In praise of young women

                                          Orchids to my granddaughter, grandniece and their

     When I was in college, women had few opportunities.  We used to laugh that we could become a teacher, a nurse or a secretary.  That was just about it.  We hoped to find a man that had the career we craved.  Today, there are many, many more career opportunities for women.  
     My family is small with only two young women in the recent generation in our immediate family.  We have five young men.  The girls are the oldest and so far they have set the example.  My granddaughter will be a college senior in the fall.  She is a theater arts major.  My grandniece will be a junior.  She is a science major, but has had life long dance experience.  Both girls write blogs, and I will give links to them at the end of this article.  
      They have no fear of pursuing their dreams or if they do they go past the fear.  My granddaughter has been active in summer stock musical theater for two summers.  She was a foreign exchange student in Ecuador last year and traveled with a sorority friend to camp and explore Puerto Rico the early part of this summer.  Her courage and independence amaze me.  I'm so pleased with what I consider her exciting life.  I know she will always take from life what she wants.  
    My grandniece has tried out in NYC for the Rockettes team, and while she didn't make it this time she was not discouraged.  Next week, she is travelling to Pietrabbondante in Italy to participate in an archeological dig.  She will travel alone and I know she will thrive.
    I'm so proud of both of them.  They have had major support from their families.  Their mothers have encouraged them to be independent and have not fearfully held them back.  I praise them all!  The two mothers have their own independent histories.
     Young women today are strong.  They are waiting longer to marry and to have children.  They want to make other types of contributions and go after their dreams.   Like their mothers, they will have it all, family life and exciting career.  
    My thoughts will be with both you girls this summer.  Italy and summer stock in New York are lucky to have you this July and August.  You know I live vicariously through you.  Have a great experience!

The girls' blogs:  Ginger Adventures
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  1. Aunt JoAnne I am so touched! Thank you so, so much. I will be thinking of you while I am away, and have your address written down so that I can send you a postcard. You inspire ME with your curiosity, and zest for life. Thank you!!

  2. I look forward to hearing all about your adventure!!

  3. I love that this younger generation has the ability to pursue more than one interest and that those interests can be so diverse. Your family is indeed a talented group: archeology and theater, dance and science! It is wonderful that they can pursue more than one dream, perhaps even three or four over a lifetime. I was thinking about this yesterday, mulling over the death of Andy Griffith and thinking about the stereotypical roles of women in Mayberry. My son in law is a computer programmer who wants to be a chef, and my daughter is a doctor who wants to be a cabaret singer. We've come a long way, haven't we? Great post, JoAnne!