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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Here's Blog #100 !!!!

                                           The intrepid blogger carries on with her trusty
                                              Apple ibook.
 Dear Readers, 

I wrote the first post for this blog on February 16, 2011, one year and 7 months ago.  It was titled "First Disclosure," and received more readers than I expected.  I think the title created the impression that I was going to reveal something really juicy.  The name for the blog," Disclosures of a Dilettante" perhaps also gave that impression.  Actually, the blog name was to give me leeway to write about most anything. 
     Originally, I thought I'd write at least three times per week, but that didn't happen.  Trying to come up with 3 new original ideas and live my life was more blog time than I wanted to  manage.  
     I've enjoyed writing the blog.  As an old English teacher, it has given me a writing outlet.  You know, all of us English majors have a few poems, stories, incomplete novels stuffed in a drawer somewhere.  We feel that need to write.  I enjoy taking photos for the blog also. 
      I've read of bloggers making lots or at least some $ with their blog writings, but not me.  I've not received a cent for any of it.  I write purely for pleasure.  So, here I am at blog #100 still at it.  During that year and 7 months, according to my statistics page, I've had 7576 blog views.  That's not very many in the great scheme of blogging, but still I carry on.  
     I'll continue until it isn't fun anymore, or one day I just can't think of a thing to write.  So my few loyal readers, thank you, and I'd love to hear from you sometime.
Your faithful blogger,

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