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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Standing on the ledge

I'm a few days late writing a new year blog, but I have a good excuse.  My computer most uncharacteristically failed me.  It is a long story that I won't relate now.  Anyway, I'm back up and running and thinking how a new year is such a new beginning.  It's being on the edge of a precipice looking out at the world and waiting to jump into space, a little like Alice when she fell into the rabbit hole and entered a whole new wonderland.  

Most of us are still dragging along all our usual baggage--fears and anxieties that require us to go on living our ordinary lives.  How wonderful if we could really see the world as new and our place in it as experimental.  We would march right out there and do some of the things we've put off or misplaced.  

Fiction the film and written varieties have had characters open a door, fall into a vortex, walk through a wall as Harry Potter does to find another world.  This fantasy has always appealed to me though in reality I'd probably be too scared to enjoy it.  
But, with no doors being opened to me, I made some new year promises to change my life in 2013:

1. Take a long desired trip to Italy.
2.  Pare down my "collections" to streamline my house.
3.  Exercise several times each week.
4.  Become a teacher in the local adult literacy program.

If I follow through, each promise can be a door to a new vista.
"Kiss today goodbye and point me toward tomorrow."  (from Chorus Line, "What I did for love")