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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doors of Paris & Madrid

 In Europe, you are very aware of the architecture, sometimes even the smallest aspects of it.  A few years ago in Paris, I noticed unique doorknobs and door hardware.  I took a few photos, and I'm featuring the ones I liked best in today's blog.  Most were on houses and businesses right on the sidewalks, not on famous landmarks.  In future travels I'll be looking for others.
The first photo is a doorknob taken by my daughter on a recent visit to Madrid.  Liking doorknobs must run in the family.

                                photo--Clarice Moran

                                                          This photo and those that follow--JoAnne Young
This fellow seems a bit unwelcoming.

This nice, golden brass curve appears on
the door of a business.

A variation on the plain wooden doorknob

This handsome lion is a door knocker

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