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Monday, July 21, 2014

I'M BAAAACK. Say you missed me.

It has been more than a year since I posted an article on this blog.  I do have a good excuse.  During the past year, I had surgery, complications from surgery, and following all that just general malaise. Now, I'm perky again or. . . mostly.  
My year has been pretty uneventful, no great trips, special revelations, or big changes.  I am ready for some though and planning a few trips which I will write about as they happen. 

 I'm looking forward to writing blog entries again.  I considered abandoning this blog and starting another one on a specific subject.  After all, dilettantism is pretty vague, and nobody does a search for it.  Who can spell dilettante?  I might still begin again, but for now, I'll keep writing here.  

It has been a hot summer here in Florida.  Every year, I threaten to move to Alaska or another cooler climate, but Florida has too many advantages to leave.  I love the ocean, marshes, wildlife, casual lifestyle, plants. Need I go on?  

You'll be hearing from me once or twice weekly with more yammerings about life.  I'd love for my readers to use the Comment section more.  That way, I won't feel like I'm writing to the nether world.  #

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