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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cruising with the Foxy Lady

Recently, on a cloudy afternoon, we met at River City Brewing Co. to board the Foxy Lady for a two hour hors d' oeuvres party cruise on the St. Johns River right here in Jacksonville, the River City.  I'd bought the tickets in February as a gift for my husband's birthday.  Somehow we managed to keep up with them until August.  We didn't know what to expect, but we knew it must involve the eating of hors e' oeuvres

The boat has two "floors," each with a bar and adjoining open air deck.  We were thankful the two salons are air-conditioned since it was a hot, sticky August day in Florida.  The water, of course, is cool, but not cool enough.  

Guests board Foxy Lady

We cruised north for a while and most guests went immediately to the food, which was of the finger variety and pretty good.  A cash bar provided drinks, and we all lined up for that as well. A Jacksonville business office outing made up most of the guests.  We didn't know anyone, and would have enjoyed the cruise more if we had.  

After most of the food was consumed and the boat turned to head south, there was nothing to do but drink.  We talked and sipped a drink or two and that was pretty much the whole of the cruise.  It was relaxing but not very exciting for us since as Jacksonville residents we know the river route and the sights along the way.  

                                            Dan at the bar in one of the salons

From a brochure, we learned that many types of cruises are available on the Foxy Lady, Symphony Dinner Cruises, Sunday Brunch, Narrated Sightseeing, and whatever kind of private charter you can name:  weddings, corporate events, family events, reunions, retirement parties, whatever. 

The old WWI song is true, you know, "How you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen Paree."  We hated ourselves, but couldn't help talking about how this hometown cruise didn't hold a candle to going down the Seine, sailing around Mykonos, cruising on Lake Lucerne.  Travel does broaden the mind, but it also makes you jaded.  We always want new and more exciting adventures; however, you accept where you are and enjoy what is available. 

                                 Me on board with Jacksonville skyline in background

                                       A good omen double rainbow greeted us.

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