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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zany Animal Photos

Through the years, I've had about eight pets, seven cats and one dog.  (I say "about" because I "pet sat" one dog for a year and I had a really cute kitten that was catnapped and never returned)   As all pet lovers do, I took a lot of photos.  I've also taken photos of miscellaneous animals that did not belong to me. Here are five favorite animal photos that have survived:

                                This is Rusty, one of my current cats stretching to drink from a
                                small birdbath.  Rusty is not above lurking in the bushes to try
                                to catch a bird.

                                         A traveling man with his possessions and dog.

                                          An angora goat seen at a Christmas tree farm in 
                                          North Carolina.  There were several of them, but 
                                           this one posed for the camera.
                                Two dogs in a baby carriage and one on the ground were keeping 
                                this woman company at her flea market vendor booth on
                                Portobello Road in London.

                                This spider in my back yard was a persistent fellow.
                                The wind kept destroying his web and he kept reweaving
                                it.  I felt weirdly honored that he chose my yard.

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  1. How did your cat manage to drink from that birdbath? That's hilarious!