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From Jacksonville Beach, FL

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn vacation: Pumpkins, leaves and mountains

In mid-October the autumn leaves are at their colorful peak in the North Carolina mountains we like to visit.  They are magnificent on the mountain sides and trees in single bursts of color. Unfortunately, we also had rain and fog, but that's the mountains in the fall.  We did our best to ignore both, but some days it was hard particularly on twisty mountain roads.  
We still had a marvelous visit and, of course, took photos.  A few follow:
Double click on photos for an enlarged view (depending on your computer type).

Pumpkins newly picked.  Note those dark
clouds in the sky.  It did rain soon.

We walked a corn maze until the rains started.

A sweet little creek crosses the meadow.

View of leaves from our cabin's porch balcony.  To us 
Floridians, seeing them is a treat.  Florida does not look
like this in the fall.

An autumn berry, whose name I do
not know.

Of course, there were mountain apples.

This barn has a field of pumpkins behind it.  I read recently
that country barns are disappearing.  This is the best one
we saw.


  1. Such beautiful photos from a charming photographer!

  2. Looks gorgeous!! Wish I had been there! Love, Katie