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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cheerful Times: An Overview

2014 was the worst of times and the best of times (apologies to Charles Dickens). I often wondered where the world was going considering all the insane murders, terrorist attacks, and just plain cruelty.  It was hard to watch the news, and I am a news hound.  The best of times? Where were they?  Mostly, for me, they were personal and related to happy family events and travel.  I choose to concentrate on them in this overview. 
We must all do that, of course, find the stillness within and look to the positive.  This doesn't mean we hide our heads to the sadness.  We must be aware of the world and do what we can to try to get ourselves and others past the horrors.  

Here are a few photos of my 2014, happy moments:


A goose pair laid eggs and raised their goslings
                                    in my back yard.  The family was an endless source
                                    of interest to us.

                                                My husband and I took an enjoyable spring
                                            trip to South Miami and South Beach.  I felt
                                            moved to blend in with the sculpture.
                                      My youngest grandchild graduated from high
                                      school.  He's the one in the gown and mortar 
                                      board.  This photo shows parents and both sets
                                      of grandparents there to celebrate.

                                     A field of pumpkins in Blowing Rock, NC.  We
                                     traveled there with our daughter and grandkids.

  Dan and I travel to NYC to see the Macy's 
Christmas Parade.  It was very cold to us 
two Floridians.

These good friends and I meet every few months
for lunch.  We all taught at the same school and
are retired now.  I've known some of them for 33
years.  This was our Before Christmas luncheon.

                                      My dear daughter and only child earned her PHD.
                                      Here we are at the December graduation.

                                      Here she is with her beautiful family and my 
                                      beautiful grandchildren.  Who couldn't be happy 
                                      on such an eventful, wonderful day.

                                     Another happiness for me, my regal cat Bella. 

I hope you've counted your happy moments in 2014.  We all have them.

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