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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine Conversation Hearts

If you are a shy sweetheart or a very young one, you can express your love with conversation hearts.  NECCO (New England Confectionary Company) has made the sweethearts since 1866 after Oliver Chase developed a method of stamping candies with messages.  Considering that over 8 billion candy hearts are made per year, Conversation Hearts are the best selling Valentine candy. They come in two sizes, many colors and flavors.

                                Smile, Sweet Thing.  You are my destiny, the one I love
                             for keeps.  Let's kiss.

                                Slow down.  Be good, very good.

                                Why not.  You're so fine.  Let's talk.  Fax me.

Messages on the hearts have kept up with the social media generation, including ones that say, "text me" and "LOL."   The UK equivalent is called Love Hearts manufactured by Swizzels Matlow.  Candies are made with messages for non-English speakers as well.

This Valentine's Day, buy a bag and let your feelings be known.  "It's True"  "You're so fine"

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