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Thursday, February 26, 2015

When winter winds blow

                                If winter comes can spring be far behind. . . Shelly

                                               My Florida yard this January

     This year winter seems extra persistent, spring is definitely lagging. Last week, I read that every state except Florida and Hawaii had snow on the ground.  My Southern friends and relatives in North GA and NC were and still are blanketed in the white stuff plus ice.  Snow is no longer a treat with a day off work for them.  Most Southern cities are absolutely stymied by ice and snow.  We don't know how to drive in it, and we don't have proper clearing machinery. And who has the clothes for it?!

We in Florida feel lucky that we have only chilly wind and a misty rain, but we would like just one day of snow-on-the-ground, and then have it leave.  Sometimes we feel a bit left out when we see tv photos of children sledding and skating, but not when we see cars skidding and crumpling.  We miss out totally on winter sports. Some people, of course, travel to the snow for skiing and fun, but most of us can't do that.  Instead, we just gloat a little that we are warmer than everyone else.

Florida has bizarre winter weather patterns.  One day it is 40 degrees, the next day 70. We do pay a price for our snowless days.  In late spring, summer, early fall we can only retreat to air-conditioning.  We go out in the early morning or late afternoon to escape some of the heat and humidity.  We live for November and December when days are cool and there is no stickiness.  Still, no matter how hot it gets, a dip in the ocean is always cooling.  There is almost always a breeze there. 

                                             My cousin's yard with barn in N Georgia
                                        in February.  I would like to walk in that snow.

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