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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wear an over-the-top vintage wedding gown

  If you're planning a June wedding, it's almost time to send out the invitations, and no doubt you have long ago purchased your wedding gown.  In looking through my stash of vintage photographs, I found four brides/gowns that are truly beautiful.  All are from the early 1900's, but were not dated.
  The brides, if they are still living, are little old ladies now, but they were truly young and beautiful on their special day.  I can't imagine how their photographs got in the estate sales where I found them.  What family could part with them.  
   Some modern brides opt for a vintage gown, perhaps one that belonged to a grandmother or aunt. There is a small trend for vintage wedding gowns and weddings.  Web sites are available (see end of article).
   Brides wearing white can be traced back to the wedding of England's Queen Victoria in 1840. In America, Godey's Ladies Book, one of the first women's magazines, said that white was the fitting color for bridal gowns. Soon is was the only color except for the occasional rebel.

   This decorative gown might be from the 1920's.  It has an overskirt and train typical of many gowns from that decade.  

This lovely and extravagant gown possibly dates from the late 1800's to early 1900's.  The small waist, the high neck point in that direction. Also the bride's jewelry is a large cameo pin and she has a Gibson Girl hair style.

   The hair style of this bride indicates she is probably from from the 1930's.  
Her beautiful hat is the main feature. In the 1930's, many brides opted for a hat as a headpiece rather than the traditional veil.  It is also possible this woman is a bridesmaid
rather than the bride since her dress is sleeveless and somewhat simple.

This fitted gown is elaborately decorated, with a small amount of flair.  It is buttoned down the front with tiny buttons. The photograph was taken at a studio in San Francisco.

Fragrant orange blossoms from my Florida tree.
Queen Victoria wore orange blossoms on her
wedding gown.

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