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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Photo story of Mother Goose and her 7 little goslings

    Mother Goose carefully constructed her nest in the ferns under a maple tree.  True, it was in the yard of a home in a suburban neighborhood, but she felt safe.  She had built her nest in the same yard for the past two years.

  She laid seven perfect eggs in the nest that she lined with her own feathers.  She sat there patiently even in  rain and the lawn sprinkler's cycles.

If a cat, crow, seagull or any other creature came near her nest, she scared him off with a hiss and outstretched wings.  The look was very effective.

   After 28 days, the goslings pecked their way out of their shells and were ready to see the brand new world.


           A few hours after hatching, Mother Goose took them for an outing.  They held out their tiny wings and ran to face life stumbling and falling, but happy and eager.


           Daddy Goose was always nearby to chase anything  that got too close to the tiny
 goslings.  He set up a great hue and cry with much honking and hissing.  He sounded quite scary.

    One little chick liked to lay on his mother's back.  It was less crowded up there than in the nest with six others.

    The goslings loved swimming in the water with their parents.  Mother and Daddy Goose are always with them keeping them safe and showing them how to find food.

      This is a true story that happened in my backyard.  It has been such a pleasure and really an honor to watch them.  I've learned that geese are very good parents.  Both of them care and protect the babies.  After watching them my new metaphor for patience is "as patient as a goose."

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