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From Jacksonville Beach, FL

Friday, June 19, 2015

Jacksonville Beach Classic Cars Parade

If you love vintage cars, go to the Latham Plaza/Seawalk Pavillion area of Jacksonville   Beach on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  At 5p.m. over 40 cars are on display for free public viewing.  The proud owners are usually sitting near their cars to answer questions.  

    At 8:30 pm, the engines are cranked and the cars cruise down First Street.  It is a lot of
   fun seeing these old cars in pristine condition parade down the street in style.

   Here are some of the cars/trucks I liked:

If I could own any vehicle in the show, it would be this little ford truck.

Or I'd take 
this little 1937 coupe.
        This Ford with wooden sides was the SUV of its day.   

                                       This is the front grill of the Woody.

This '57 Chevrolet was popular
well past its day and became an 
icon for the 50's.

You don't often see a REO truck.  The top photo shows a closeup of the front windshield which opens slightly.

                           A Chevrolet Corvair with the engine in the back.

This was one of the strangest displays in the show.  A cadillac pulling a cadillac which has been cut through the middle.

                              This Ford-F-100 is the precursor to the current F-150 and all the higher model numbers of Ford trucks.

See also Better Jax Beach website or their Facebook page.

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