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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For today, random thoughts of this dilettante

     The big negative of being a dillettante is the sudden, unexplainable boredom for a project or subject that seemed so exciting only a few weeks ago.  I'm reminded of a college professor's description of the writer Samuel T. Coleridge, "He was a monument of incompleted projects." Even that early in life, those words struck a familiar chord for me.  
      I started but did not complete a recipe book, a poetry book,  a decoupage table, 
 organization of my zillions of photographs, scrapbooks for my grandchildren, and countless other things I've forgotten.  They are there though for completion later in life. . . perhaps.
     This enthusiasm, then boredom, then abandonment must be a psychological problem.  I have completed things, however.  I did teach school for 34 years, raised a successful daughter, sustained one marriage though not the first one.  So, it looks like I can manage the big stuff, but not the little projects. 
I really do want to finish that poetry book and the recipe book.  Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to put some of my poems on this blog.   Eureka! perhaps it is fear of failure that hinders me or laziness or whatever.
     Okay,  that's what I'm thinking about this hour.

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