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Friday, February 25, 2011

List of my favorite things

     1.  "Raindrops on roses. . . " No, just kidding, but I do like flowers, preferably those that are delivered to the door in a box.
My granddaughter performing in "Oklahoma" summer theater

      2.  Musical plays, especially on Broadway, where excellence reigns.  This fall, I saw my first New York Met opera at Lincoln Center.  Now, I'm a fan.  Bad opera is very, very bad, and I've seen a few, but the Met was wonderful!  Excellence is good.  Musical theater runs in the family.  My granddaughter
is a musical theater major in her college sophomore year.
     3.  Satirical humor.  Jonathan Stewart is my very favorite on television for satire and the New Yorker magazine cartoons come in second.
     4.  A well-written book and magazines and newspapers.  I've always been a news hound.  The NY Times satisfies that need best.
     5.   Teens, especially ones I used to teach.  They can be so honest and so hopeful.  Even when they are perfectly horrible, there's a vulnerability that's redeeming.
     6.  My dear husband who cheerfully puts up with all my weirdnesses and supports my causes. 
     7.  Strong, aromatic cups of coffee, but not after 3 pm unless I want to stay awake all night.
     8.  Computers and the Internet, the best technology of my lifetime, and iphones.  How did we ever do without them?
     9.  Foreign travel and U.S. travel to places new to me.  This summer I'm going to Greece for the first time.  I've wanted to go since seeing ancient ruins photos in my high school Latin book.
   10.  Visting and being visited by my beautiful, smart, thoughtful, kind daughter and her family.

   That's my current list--not in order of preference.  The list my change next week.  What's on your list?

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