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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bogs and swamps and other lovely things

   Today, the third day of March,  a lovely spring day, temps in the mid-seventies, sunny, breezy, we decided to take a walk through the University of North Florida nature trails.  These trails are on the edge of campus and border a small lake.  The trail we took, the Golden Rod, wended through several environments, swamp to hardwood.
  A Florida swamp has wonderful diversity.  At first, you might think it is all the same, water, mud, and a tangle of trees, palmettos, and vines, but looking closely, you see small flowers, a great variety of ferns, fallen trees covered in lichen, cypress knees, water brown with tannin from the cypress.  It is enough to make you want to get out your notebook and write a poem.   Today, I took photos. Admitedly, they were taken with my iphone and may not be art quality, but here are a few.

                                                A pine needle path leads into the woodland.

A small stream runs out of the swamp.

One area of the swamp.  This is the way the early
                                             explorers must have first seen Florida.
Blue sky reflected in swamp water.

Cypress knees sprouting above ground look like gnomes.

A tiny blue violet hiding in the pine straw.

Wild yellow jasmine runs up the trees and

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