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Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Carmen" in 3D

        This Sunday morning when I opened the newspaper, I half expected  headlines proclaiming how fabulous the 3D movie version of the opera "Carmen" was on Saturday afternoon at the AMC IMax
theater.   Nothing was written, of course, but there should have been.  The Royal Opera of Covent Garden, London could not have been better.  Opera by nature is the ultimate romantic, dramatic experience: the rises and swells of the orchestra, the waves of melody and harmony of the chorus, and the passion of the characters.  Opera is life in the fast lane.  Love happens instantly.  Death comes suddenly, though often it is expected.  Passions over flow.  It is life lived large.  
      I had never seen anything other than "Avatar" in 3D until the performance of "Carmen."  Opera is one of my new interests.  I was totally won over this fall when in New York I saw the Metropolitan Opera's "La Boheme."  Watching "Carmen" in 3D was like being in a front row seat at the opera, but instead of looking up, we looked straight out and saw even the whites of their eyes.  Our eyes, of course, were covered with the glasses necessary to experience the 3D.  They are not a hinderance and could provide good cover for those who wish to close their eyes during the show such as some husbands and others perhaps persuaded to attend.
      The Met:  Live in 3D has been showing operas at select theaters for about five years.  You can see the Met schedule and performance trailers on your computer.  You can buy and print out tickets to the theater online as well. To find a theater near you that shows the operas go to Fathom Events.  This site has trailers and info about many of the upcoming events.
       "Carmen" the opera I saw will be shown on Saturdays and some Wednesdays throughout March.
Since it is sung by the Royal Opera it is not described on the Met site.  You can find it online at
Carmen in 3D.
       Sad to say, in the show we saw on Saturday, my husband and I and two women were the only audience.  We all became good friends in our delight at the performance.

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