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Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy, Happy Day, Prince William and Princess Kate

    I can't let the day go by without commenting on the happiness in London this morning before, during and after the Royal Wedding.  How wonderful that television has allowed us to be there, and how wonderful that in a world of strife and unhappiness for so many, happiness took over for a few hours.
     The couple seemed relaxed and happy with each other after the formalities of the very elegant wedding. If you get married at Westminster Abbey, you're really married!  The beautiful architecture, the tradition, the history of the Abbey create a sense of permanence.  The bells, the shouts of the crowds, the music build the happiness and excitement.  What a wedding day!
    The royal pair were so poised and well. . . royal.  This anglophile was ecstatic.  I would have loved to have been in the crowd along the street seeing the couple laughing and talking with with each and waving to the crowd as they rode down the street in an open horse-drawn carriage. It was magical, better than Cinderella, but I know I had a much better view of the events on television than if I had been there.  We wish them well and a long and happy marriage.
     Now, I need to go have a celebratory glass of champagne and send out a toast.  I loved the tv coverage of a pub in London that featured a group of women dressed in go-to-a-wedding clothes complete with exotic hats.  They were drinking champagne and lamenting that Prince William is no longer available.  The clothes and hats, every woman wore a hat, of the wedding guests were spectacular and expensive.  What a lovely morning!  I'll be in a good mood the rest of the day.  

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