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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I enter the Wacky Photo Contest

                                        My wacky contest entry, Miss Whisk, possibly a rock singer.

 If a peeping Tom was looking through my kitchen window last night, he might have decided I was ready for the loony bin.  My erratic behavior started after I aimlessly clicked on the website and read about their Wacky Photo Contest with the grand prize of a new iPad.  Counting old can't-get-rid-of-them and new computers, we already have too many electronics in the house, but I want an iPad.
        The contest promised that all I had to do was submit a wacky photo using a kitchen appliance, tool, cookware, etc., load it to their Facebook page, write a blurb and give the url where the pictured kitchen item could be found.  I immediately began sorting through my cupboards looking for a suitable subject.  Finally, my new Williams-Sonoma whisk looked like a likely culprit.  Holding it up, I could see hair made from cooked spaghetti, eyes from pimento stuffed olives, and a mouth made of another olive with the pimento removed.  Perfect!
       I told my agreeable husband my plan and he said he liked it and would even take the photo with his new camera.  It took a long time to keep the spaghetti hair from sliding right off.  We took a few photos just as it began to slide. Finally, we got a few possible photos.  I loaded them onto the computer and we selected what we thought was the best one.  The rest was easy--put it on the website, write the blurb and feel pleased but a little silly.
     My final photo is at the top of this post.  If you want to enter the contest, the deadline is May 31, and the info is  at  Have fun!!
(Just had a thought.  I hope writing about this does not disqualify me.  Oh well)

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