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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yet another Bin Laden commentary

            This week, every form of media has commented on Bin Laden's death and life.  I've read a lot of it, and feel compelled to put in my two-cents worth.  I didn't get the news until I saw gigantic font headlines in the newspaper the morning after the U.S. forces staged their attack.  After reading the details, my first thoughts were wishing his death had happened differently.  Idealistically, I wished that he had not been killed in his home with his family.  My vengeance would have him captured, brought to trial and executed or confined to prison for life.
          During the ten year ordeal since the towers were demolished and almost 3,000 people died, the long-time goal has been to find him and bring him down and that was done in the most expedient manner.  No doubt capturing him would have caused greater bedlam and retaliation from his allies.
          I also remind myself that, yes, he was in his home, unarmed with his family when it all came down, but the 3,000 people he killed were going about their private business when they were killed.  They were working at their desks, meeting in conferences, talking on the telephone, typing at their computers, or sitting in an airplane thinking their private thoughts.  None of them had any warning or any mercy granted to them.  Crashing planes into the twin towers was a terrible, evil deed.  It changed us as a nation and as individuals.  Now we know what evil can exist and we know its consequences.  My idealism has also vanished.  Perhaps we can begin to heal, but I doubt it will happen in my life time. 

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