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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My love affair with shoes

                                          My favorite kind of shoe--red, wedge, ankle strap,

Most of my adult life I wore what my more fashionable sisters called "school teacher shoes."  It is true I opted more for comfort than beauty, but now that I'm a woman of "a certain age," all those years of deprivation have created within me a shoe backlash. 

I pass by  the squat heeled, wide-toed comfortable shoes of my teaching days and go for the high heeled, open-toed, brightly colored, "cute" shoes.  Note, I didn't say I buy them. Mostly I look, even drool a little. Unfortunately, I can't walk in what I desire.  I waited too long.  Shoes I buy are fashionable, but not what I truly crave to wear.  I do have a few boxes of desirable shoes lingering in my closet.  I wear them when I'll be walking only from the car to a restaurant table or when I can cling to my husband's arm.   I'm amazed when I see women dancing or walking fast in extremely high heels.  Ahhh, the glory (and balance) of youth. 

Last year, the stores featured a wide array of fancy flip-flops.  Those I can wear with no problem.  I bought them feathered, bejeweled, and sequined in several colors, but I still don't wear them much.  My old school teacher shoe-conservatism worries that they look too flashy or old- lady-trying-to-be-young.  

Shoes with a medium wedge heel are my best compromise.  I can walk in them, they're cute and have style.  I have several pairs of wedgies.  Shoes I love don't have to be expensive.  They just need a certain look. 

I know I'm not alone with my shoe fetish.  Shoes these days seem much cuter than in the past.  Almost every woman I know loves shoes.  So, when I see you, I may look at your feet and I might be wearing something strappy with a wedge. 

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An array of flipflops--too cute for such a common name.

Green flower wedgies--cool

Silver heels--require short distance walks, for me

Orange straw sandals with a stacked heel, the best!

My old time vintage shoes bought at an antique
show.  Unfortunately, they're extra narrow and 
my feet aren't.  They make a nice bedroom decoration.

My daughter and I try on ultra high heels
and go for the sunken cheek look, 
but it's hard when you're laughing.  Note,
I'm holding onto and leaning on the wall.

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