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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oddities that kick-start my imagination

Why is it . . .
  • I often see single shoes in the middle of a highway lane?  Who was there in the middle of the street?  Were they thrown out a car window?  
  • My cat refuses her food, but eats what's left of the other cat's food who's been fed the same thing? Is the eating cat thinking, yah, yah, yah? 
  • Shoes in the store don't pinch, but the first time I wear them, they bite everywhere?  Is there really a perversity of inanimate objects?
  • A motorist will drive inches from my back bumper in the right lane at 60 mph?  Why not just pass?  Is he sadistically enjoying my intimidation?
  • At the doctor's office, the nurse calls me from the main waiting room to sit in a secondary room for 30+ minutes?  The magazines are in the main room?  Will this make my blood pressure lower?  
  • At any public event, the line for the Ladies Room is out the door and down the hall, whereas the Men's Room has no line at all?  Is this making the men think, yah, yah, yah?
  • When I'm running late, every traffic light turns red just as I get to it?  Is this a conspiracy?  Are my car and the traffic light in cahoots?
  • The computer printer blinks "out of ink" in the middle of the night when I'm in the middle of a project?  How does it know I need a printout by 9am?  Why does it hate me?
  • The line at the grocery story, post office, anywhere that looked shortest ends up being the slowest?  This seems to be universal.  Is it payment for bad karma?
  • If I run to catch the ringing telephone, it stops ringing just as I get to it?  This is always a call I've been waiting to receive.  Does the telephone hate me?

Is there a perversity of cats?

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