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Sunday, September 30, 2012

What would you do?

    I've been seeing this quotation for a year or so, but dismissed it as bumper sticker/poster philosophy.  I thought about it though.  It implies that we don't do what we want to do for fear of failure and who hasn't experienced that fear.  With a little computer investigation I learned the author of the quotation is Robert Schuller, a former somewhat controversial televangelist. 
The internet lists many of his optimistic quotes.   
    I decided to take the words seriously. What would I do if I couldn't fail?  What I've come up with is fantasy and contradictions, but still listing them has been a little study in self-knowledge.  Make your own list.  Here is mine:

  Life's work
  • If I couldn't fail, I'd apply for a writing position with the New York Times.  It has the best most  adept writers/thinkers who know how to use words effectively.
  • But, I'd also like to work as a news television reporter for CNN.  That doesn't have the clout that a job with the Times would carry, but it certainly would be fun.
  • After working in news for a few years, I'd turn to the movies.  I'd like a behind-the-scenes position involving the actual making of movies, or well. . . perhaps television.
Places I'll call home
  •  I'll live in New York City, of course, Manhattan in a residence I saw advertised in the New York Times Magazine.  It is a three bedroom condominium, priced from $1.17M.  I guess I'll make a good salary at those careers I want. Since I know I can't fail, I'll just bid on one and worry about costs later.
  • My lovely Manhattan residence will be decorated in a very modern style unlike my current house furnished with Early Garage Sale.  
  • After a few years, I'll buy a condo along the Seine in Paris.
Places I'll go

  • I'll see every Broadway play and opera that appeals to me.  
  • I'll go to lovely restaurants and coffee bars after the entertainment.
  • Every new museum exhibit will see me.  
  • Music and dance will fill out my schedule.

People I'll see
  • My husband will live with me, of course,  His interests will round out mine.
  • My daughter and her family will live close by.  My granddaughter will pursue her Broadway ambitions.  
  • I'll meet people with interesting ideas and we will discuss and argue them.  
  • In my work, I'll meet writers, politicians, artists.
Doing some good
  • I'll help young people get an education so they can pursue their own life's work.
  • I'll be on boards that help improve the economy and people's work lives.  
  • I'll work on improving homelessness.
  • I'll discover things that I don't even know about now.  
When I die

  • There will be a New Orleans style jazz parade in the streets.  My ashes will be scattered in a special area of Central Park with a little monument.  
Ahh, Isn't pie in the sky wonderful!!

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