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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is it over yet ?

                                         We put our preferences out for everyone to see. 

  I'm exhausted with television commercials, editorials, letters to the editor, radio announcements and just about any media related to this 2012 Presidential election.  The lies, deceptions, and attacks seem demeaning to the office.  And the money . . . think of the costs of all that vitriol. 

    The divisiveness  of the electorate is a reflection of the partisanship in both Houses.  I have friends who will not talk anything political with me because my views and party affiliation is different from theirs.  This seems to be a recent trend.  Is it because the stakes of this election are greater than in the past?  Is it because the two houses are so sharply divided that it has filtered down to the people.

    I live in NE Florida, which is densely Republican.  I am a Democrat.  I voted for Mr. Obama in 2008, and I intend to vote for him in 2012.  Some of my neighbors used to make sarcastic remarks about that, but now they mostly ignore me.  The streets in and near my neighborhood are lined with Romney/Ryan yard signs.  I've seen two Obama/Biden ones.   Today, I'm driving across town to Democratic headquarters to get a sign for my yard.  

    Why am I a Democrat?  First, as to the candidates in this election:  Mr. Obama is honest, intelligent and hard-working. He is young and forward thinking. I like the Democrats' broad-minded attitudes on social issues.  Government must take the broad view to include all people in the country.  As to economics and employment, give the President time to accomplish his goals.  Four years is not long enough to straighten out the mess from two wars he did not initiate or the recent complete realignment of our manufacturing practices -- Most everything built outside the country.  

    Labels of "socialism" annoy me most.  The word is thrown around to cover any type of aid to others that the Democrats propose.  Since many people don't even know what socialism means, the threatening tones used by those throwing it around seem frightening.  In my mind, people cower when they hear the word even when it is used to describe what is not socialism.  I think we have a responsibility to help those who need help.  Even if some of them take advantage of the system, is that much different than those who avoid paying taxes or who look for loopholes to their advantage in economic matters?

                                                              Signs all in a row.

    The Republicans want the Presidency so much they will say almost anything and then reverse the position when a proposal is not well received.  Actually, Ronald Reagan, a Republican summed up this practice of politics best:  "It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession.  I have learned that is bears a striking resemblance to the first." 
    You may disagree with my views, but as an American, I'm allowed to put in my 2 cents.  

                                                              Bumper stickers 

1 comment:

  1. JoAnne - what I posted on my Wall:

    I detest how divided and divisive our nation has become. It isn't the way I have tried to live my life, nor is it the type of decorum I tried to instill in my students. I have used FB to get back in touch with friends and former students, - not to read hate and vitriol. So over the last few months I have "lost" about 45 "friends". It HAS made going on FB a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. I hope our Nation can heal, but look on the bright side, 250 years is a pretty good reign for a Democracy. Not quite as long as Rome, but a pretty good run nonetheless.

    Bart Cassel