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From Jacksonville Beach, FL

Monday, October 29, 2012

First ever voting early

           In line for voting early, Jacksonville Beach

  My prediction--this election year will be a record year for voter turn out.  The early voting locations opened here in Jacksonville on Saturday, October 27.  On that one day according to tv news, over 21,000 residents cast their vote.  Early voting will continue through November 3.  

 My husband and I voted this morning, October 29.  We arrived one hour after the doors opened and there was a long line half way around the building.  The line continued inside the public library the only location for early voting at the Jacksonville beaches. Jacksonville has 16 other such voting locations. 

The morning was quite chilly for the beaches with temperatures in the high 40's (that's cold for us) A pretty hefty wind was blowing, a result of Hurricane Sandy up the coast. but the weather was not preventing  participation.  I was amazed at the number of people.  
Loyal supporters holding up candidates posters and posters lining the edge of the road made it look like the regular voting day.  

So much participation is exciting in an election.  I wish everyone eligible would vote.  Now, I have one main question:  Since I voted early, do I have to listen to any more tv election ads?

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