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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy, happy day Obama won


    This day after the election, I am delighted, more than delighted, that Barack Obama is still our President.  I am happy because I trust him.  He seems to believe that the development and well-being of us people are the important aspects of a Presidency.  He is open minded enough to believe that all of us need a voice and the opportunity to become the best we can.  

    Every person, old, young, white, African-American, Asian, every ethnicity, and whether gay or straight  should not be held down by government or any small or large group.  This is truly what Democracy is all about.  

    I'm happy that Michelle Obama will continue as our First Lady.  She is a wonderful example to all women.  She is independent, caring, hard-working, and a supporter of her husband.  I'm so happy that the two daughters will not have to leave the White House, their home for the past four years.  

     My wish is that the divisive Congress will see the importance of cooperation and understand more fully what their role is in this government of all people.  

    Thank you America for seeing the value of this important man.   

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