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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Orchids for me

     One area I'm currently dabbling in is orchid growing.  Here in Florida, I have mostly ideal
conditions for growing orchids without a greenhouse.  I do have a nice screened back porch that orchids seem to like.  The thrill of growing them is to get them to bloom.  I have been successful at that.
      As with any plant, the secret is to read about their ideal environment and growing conditions and then try to duplicate that.  Orchids like lots of humidity, which, believe me, we have plenty of in north Florida.
Humidity can get to 85% + on hot summer days.  If there is a period of drought, mist the orchids in the morning and evening.  Even though they like humidity, they don't like too much water.  Water them when they look dry or at least once weekly.
     I do plant them in an orchid medium, which is mostly bark, but I add soil to it.  When temperatures
go below about 50 degrees in the winter, I bring them inside.  Orchids don't like direct sun, but they do like lots of light.  So, inside, put them in front of a window, but don't forget to open the shade or blind to get optimum light.

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  1. Sounds like a great life plan. Even if none of the ideas come to fruition it is the journey is it not that is important?